Election Day aftermath

Nov 05, 2014

"The #LegoSenate is the only Senate election tracker you need," Mashable promised us, and boy did they deliver (9,721 shares as of this morn). "Oh, Mashable. You get me," ProPublica's Scott Klein praises. "I love technology, but honestly this Lego Senate tracker is the best thing I've seen," declares Kristen Meriwether with the Gotham Gazette And Vancouver Sun's Chad Skelton admits, "Half of me: #LegoSenate is stupid. Other half: How can I copy this?" Of course, if legos just aren't your thing, there's always a Live Senate Model like the one put out by the New York Times, or the special live-blog coverage by FiveThirtyEight. At the Wall Street JournalStuart A. Thompson complained, "@FiveThirtyEight knows how to ruin election fun. Republicans have had >70% chance of taking the Senate all night."

So McConnell won and the GOP got their takeover, and in D.C. they OK'd marijuana legalization. But now that all the ballots are in and most of the votes are counted, we have only post-election day analysis to keep us busy--and of course, reflection on our favorite moments of the evening. To be clear, Tom Brokaw is at the top of that list, doing things only Tom Brokaw can get away with while live on the air--like receiving a breaking grocery alert in the middle of the broadcast (9,782 shares). "Tom Brokaw is a real pro, in case there was any doubt," NBC's M. Alex Johnson reminds everyone. Washington Post's J duLac tweets, "#BROKAW2014."

Here's an interesting (and divisive, as it turns out) query put out by Ellie Hall at BuzzFeed: "Should Journalists Vote In Elections?" "This is one of the dumbest questions ever," Huffington Post's Paul Blumenthal rails against the poll. "I vote. (I don't vote in primaries though)," Adam Serwer confesses. "I've never understood the case against journalists voting. Elections affect us as much as anyone else," points out Alana Horowitz, also with HuffPo. "I'm of the general opinion that journalists, too, are part of democratic societies," wryly remarks Politico Pro's Ashley Gold. "I just don’t think readers have any illusions about where I stand and who I vote for," is the case from Slate's Jamelle Bouie. Then WaPo's Wesley Lowery shut it all down by stating, "fwiw I don't." Wait, forrealzies?

But let's get to the real question, posed by PoynterWhat were journalists eating on election night? "It’s not all newsroom pizza," the post's author Kristen Hare informs us. "It begins again. The great election pizza debate," observes Daniel Tedford at the LA Daily News. Oh, Associated Press cake, how we covet youMore election day news that might actually surprise you: Americans spend 16 times as much on beer as was spent on the 2014 Midterms, the WSJ says. "Don't act surprised," scolds Gerald Seib there. Then Coach K decided to call Obama a "bad coach" in the war against ISIS. "Because Syria is just like the Final Four and our troops are the Plumlee brothers," scoffs Sam Stein. Well, now we've really read and said it all.

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