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Nov 05, 2014

First of all, a marketing company is claiming responsibility for "Alex from Target". This seems to have sent freelance journalist Tony Pierce into a meltdown: "ALEX FROM TARGET WAS A MARKETING PLOY, TWEENS. NOTHING IS REAL EXCEPT SUFFERING." Myles Tanzer shrugs,  "Way more ok with funny, cool teenage girls running the internet (vs college kids who share all or reddit manchildren)."

And now for things we meant to include in yesterday's Daily: "I knew about Jian Ghomeshi. I never said anything. Am I complicit in his alleged abuse?" wonders music critic Carl Wilson in a very frank and reflective post for Slate (2,832 shares). "On what we Toronto guys are wrestling with, @carlzoilus asks if we were the Burkean good men who did nothing," explains Doug Saunders with Globe and Mail. And GigaOM's Mathew Ingram similarly admits, "Great @carlzoilus essay, which I and dozens of others could also have written."

You'll be happy to hear that Jill Abramson is ready to pay big bucks for an article. Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is ready to tell you all about why people are shouting "PARKLIFE!" at Russell Brand on the Internet. Plus, Sean Rad is goin' down (I'm yellin' Tinderrrrrr!) ... meaning he's out as Tinder CEO and here's ForbesSteven Bertoni with a look inside the crazy saga. "IAC swipes left on Tinder's CEO," beautifully summarizes The New Yorker's Caitlin Kelly.

In media fails, a CNBC business news presenter got depressingly befuddled about Irish economics and foreign affairs. “You have euros in Ireland? Why do you have euros in Ireland?” he asks on-air (if you can bear to watch it). The reaction on Twitter has been pretty great, though. NYT's Jeffrey Cane muses, "Geography and history are hard." 

Finally, some congratulations are in order for all the finalists for the British Journalism Awards 2014. Plus, here's why The Times's #cyclesafe campaign could benefit everyone.

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