Murmurs from the media

NBC News is partnering with Facebook in the fight against Ebola (garnering 1,008 shares in the process). Here's how the initiative aims to put a face to the tragedy. "Starting Monday, over 24 hours, @NBCNews will launch 24 untold stories of families affected by Ebola," NBC's Emmanuelle Saliba explains.

And a very happy launch day to CBS News on their new digital streaming network, CBSN. "This was smart of them. Re-occupy the space Al Jazeera gave up to the cable oligarchs," journalist Jay Rosen concludes. TIME's Alex Fitzpatrick took that reaction one step further: "CBS has gone full HuffPost Live." But Mediaite's Evan McMurry is not-so-much a fan: "CBSN launches, has autoplaying videos, goes straight to hell."

Also, Jeremy Paxman is joining FT Weekend as contributing editor: "At last someone takes me seriously.”

At Columbia Journalism ReviewErin Polgreen makes the case for why "intrapreneurship" is the next newsroom buzzword (99 shares as of this moment). "Normally I hate portmanteaus but this column on intrapreneurship by @erinpolgreen is so great I’ll make an exception," concedes NYT's Lydia Polgreen. (Only semi-relatedly, check out this adorable argument between both Polgreens over who will manage to steal the Twitter handle @polgreen. Don't ask me how or why your Daily writer finds this stuff).

Also for CJR, freelance journalist Tony Biasotti postulates that as long as the NCAA refuses to pay players, journalists need to cover it more critically (57). Upon reflection, The Information's Stephen Nellis asks, "Is reporting on NCAA player pay 'scandals' taking a stance for amateurism? @TonyBiasotti asks us to consider."

How are software tools helping newsrooms spot stories in real-time? That's the question on the minds of the Futures Lab team at Reynolds Journalism Institute, and here are three examples they found that you could be mining for news coverage, too.

Finally, there was a really beautiful John Lewis Christmas advert (see how British we can be?!) about #MontyThePenguin that everyone loves. But then BuzzFeed's Tom Phillips went and utterly ruined it--and since he won't tell you, we're going to warn you that if you're an animal lover like we are, you should not click on that. Telegraph's Tom Chivers reacts, "well, @flashboy has done this, and I'm not sure what the appropriate punishment should be." How about ... BANISHMENT.

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