So who shot bin Laden, after all?

"Badass from (naturally) Butte, Montana, the SEAL who shot bin Laden ‘didn’t think I would survive'," hails Ken Sands at The Chronicle of Higher Education. He's talking about that big Washington Post exclusive (or at least, WaPo's calling it an exclusive, and it boasts 13,017 shares as of last count, but more on that later), in which Navy SEAL-turned-motivational speaker Robert O’Neill discusses revealing himself as the alleged shooter of Osama bin Laden. But why would he out himself? "Ex-SEAL who killed bin Laden had planned telling story next week in interviews with Fox News and WaPo," Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reveals a piece of the puzzle. WaPo's Mark Berman produces another piece: "The ex-Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden says he revealed himself because he thought his name was about to be leaked." He's apparently left a trail of disgruntlement in his path, too: "Seal who killed Bin Laden reveals ID to Fox, but scoops self w/WaPo & ticks off SEALs generally w/all the publicity," Orlando Sentinel's Scott Maxwell surmises.

Reactions from everyone else are mixed. "Somebody buy this man a beer," pleads's Chris Furnari, who obviously would know which brew to suggest. At U.S. News & World ReportDavid Catanese retweeted the news and tacked on the hashtag #humblebrag. And wait just one second, the New York Times says, reminding everyone there's yet another ex-commando who says he shot bin Laden (2,027 shares). "Who shot bin Laden? Another Ex-SEAL says he did as two guys battle 4 the mantle that might belong to a quiet 3rd one," NYT's Christopher Drew summarizes.
This, obviously, prompted a landslide of tweeted jokes. "'I shot Bin Laden!' 'I shot Bin Laden!'" Daily Beast's Justin Miller imagines the argument. "At this point, who didn’t shoot bin Laden?" HuffPo's Igor Bobic asks. "I am Spartacus," comes the battle cry from Lachlan Markay with the Washington Free Beacon. "Let's just agree that we all shot Osama bin Laden equally," TIME's Chris Wilson helpfully suggests. Meanwhile, Heidi Moore with Guardian US is just plain McKayla-level unimpressed: "Plus, all the SEALS were acting as the US govt so I *really* don't think it's fair to cite individuals at all." Sure, that'll work. Let's go with that!

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