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Nov 10, 2014

Who's having the worst day ever in journalism? Undoubtedly that honor goes to Breitbart, which had to issue the best correction since forever (3,367 shares). That was pointed out by Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall, who later noticed, "And after non-correction 'correction' of Breitbarts fake story abt AG nominee now it's generating 404 error." The Week Magazine's Eric Kleefeld concludes, "The Breitbart gang is to journalism, what the Church of Scientology is to religion and mental health." That's actually a very good way to frame it.

As for who's having the best day ever, it's gotta be Politico, where they've just unveiled a glossy new look. "Delighted to relaunch @POLITICO's site this am--big congrats to the team! (+ scoops!)," editor Susan Glasser tweets. "Sharp new look from @politico today, including a "timeline" feature. As Twitter tinkers, others emulate," observes Cory Schouten with Indianapolis Business Journal.

Also popular on Twitter today is a rant from Deadspin's Drew Magary, who decided to go after "Today in Tabs" newsletter writer Rusty Foster for reasons we don't entirely understand except that Rusty decided to go after Adult Swim's "Too Many Cooks." Bloomberg Businessweek's Joshua Brustein clears it up for us, though, by summarizing, "90% of internet thinkpieces explain why you should have a problem with something you originally had no problem with." All right, we get it now. But we also have to concede to Foster's response on Twitter, which was, "it turns out I’m not allowed to think my thoughts aloud." Seems like now we've moved on to a stage where we're commanded to have problems with problems over things that used to not be problems.

Last but not least, we link you to the rise of cubicles in the brave new world of publishing. "We can add the office cubicle to the list of crimes against humanity committed by Germany," reflects political columnist Christopher Moraff. Oh, and one more item: Bono is sorry not sorry about that album, after all.

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