Today in purely press talk

It's 16 years later, and we're still haunted by Stephen Glass--that's the much-anticipated TNR profile (2,373 shares) from , one of the journalists who knew him best (or, at least thought she did).

In no uncertain words, the Associated Press demands the FBI never again impersonate a journalist: the AP's "legacy of objectivity, truth, accuracy and integrity" has been degraded, president and CEO of Gary Pruitt writes. "In stealing our identity, the FBI tarnishes that reputation, belittles the value of the free press rights enshrined in our Constitution and endangers AP journalists and other newsgatherers around the world."

Also, Spotify takes on Taylor Swift--carefully. Meanwhile, Swift gets real with BuzzFeed.

Then Lara Logan put herself in Ebola quarantineThe New Yorker wrote "To Our Readers," Reuters unveiled its aims to personalize news broadcasts, and Instagram offered up discovery and caption-editing. "Instagram update kills Instagram posts as primary sources for journalists," glumly realizes tech reporter Alex Hern with The Guardian.

And for your daily laugh (peppered with empathy), The Onion details how a mild-mannered reporter suddenly transforms into Incredible Unemployed Man! We only laugh just to keep from weeping, right?

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