From China with love, a surprise deal

"Huge, historic, hopeful," editor Lucy Jones calls last night's breaking news that China and the U.S. reached a climate change pact. We feel confident the pact deserves all that alliteration and even more than its current 36,886 shares. "The world's two biggest economies reach a deal on climate change steps - thats got to be good news,"  concludes BBC Newsnight's Mark Urban. "Make no mistake, this US-China climate pact is a big f***ing deal," Motherboard's Brian Merchant tweets. And here's a take from Jezebel's Erin Gloria Ryan: "If Barack Obama were my BFF he'd tell me all big news by hiding in my house and ambushing me when I least expect it." Meanwhile, Yahoo's Jordan Zakarin noticed something else. "This sounds super romantic."

But will it work? "My Q: how will the world hold China accountable on their pledge?" Gotham Gazette's Kristen Meriwether asks. Journalist Tom Zeller muses, "Hmmm. GOP lawmakers wouldn't try to undermine a historic China-US #climate agreement, would they?"

As John Kerry discusses the historic agreement and Mother Jones calls the deal "a gamechanger," however, Washington Post's David Nakamura tells a tale of U.S.-China contrasts: Obama sounds concilatory, as Xi sounds competitive (1,536 shares). Or as Nakamura condenses it into one tweet, "How one question at Obama's news conference with Xi Jinping exposed all the tensions the U.S. had tried to mask." He's speaking, of course, of New York TimesMark Landler gutsy move to ask Xi a question about reporter visa problems in China. "The WH got Xi to take a Q but that didn't mean he was polite-@DavidNakamura writes why the press cheered @MarkLandler," WaPo's Juliet Eilperin explains.

But even as Obama prepares to add this achievement to his "win" column, the FCC is weighing breaking with him over Net Neutrality. "I mean, what did Obama think would happen when he nominated industry lobbyists?" wonders Leigh Ann Caldwell with NBC News. At Fox News, Charlie Gasparino reflects after reading, "at least one democrat has the guts to stand up to prez obama." NYT technology reporter Mike Isaac disagrees, derisively tweeting, "giant lulz at Wheeler’s 'split the baby' metaphor probably shoulda paid better attention in sunday school?" 

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