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Either in a display of utterly myopic obliviousness or in a concerted effort to bait its readers, TIME is in some major hot water after putting "feminist" on a poll/list of potential words to ban right alongside Bae, Basic, Literally, Kale, Turnt, Disrupt, and Obvi (which got 44,471 mostly-hate-shares). Of course, including "feminist" on the list means that word is leading by a lot, because, trolls. Also, "I Can't Even" was on there, and we're a little sad that one didn't win. "I can't even... believe that @Time considers 'feminist' a word to make you 'cringe.' FEMINIST. Deal with it,"  Mary Beth Williams commands. Others pointed out that the roots of too many of the other options (bae, turnt, basic, etc.) could be traced back to black vernacular English. "Damn near every phrase on this wack-ass poll is BVE. Stop jacking our language and making it corny, problem solved," Ebony's Jamilah Lemieux recommends.

Relatedly, Bloomberg's Peter Burrows and Sarah Frier investigate the code of the Silicon Valley minority, which dictates "you can't get angry," as The Awl's Jay Caspian Kang decries popular podcast Serial for suffering from white reporter privilege. "Kinda buried the lede here: Serial is glossing over how racism may have played a factor in charging Adnan with murder," Peter Moskowitz tweets. BuzzFeed's Tom Gara seems annoyed, though: "The new Godwin's Law is how long we can enjoy a Good Thing before it is denounced as white privilege."

BuzzFeed's Max Seddon schools The Evening Standard and the Daily Mail over the fact that no, The White Widow was not just killed In Ukraine, despite what the British papers say

A story on fatal Indian sterilizations is also picking up steam.

Also, poor Alex From Target (and we mean that sincerely) lets us in on the other side of fame. The dark side.

Plus, meet The Two Michael Sams.

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