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Yesterday's question asked: The date 11/11 is special in China for a very different reason. What day was celebrated there, yesterday? That would be Singles Day, or Guanggun Jie (光棍节).

Congratulations to Brock Thatcher of Waggener Edstrom TV for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions also go out to Claudine LaforceJulie Webb-PullmanRyan GormanPaul BoydHiram Reisner (who rightly pointed out that it's considered by some the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day), Marty RayHollywood HighlandsSamson AdepojuThomas FeyerKen WalkerCarrie Gray (who also pointed out that it has been called Bachelors' Day), Kate NewmanNichelle StephensRachel Roh (who jokingly adds that it's "when many Chinese boys get first base"), Margo Howard (who called it "a kind of anti-Valentine's day" and noted that it's "turned into Black Friday'ish day"), Ericka Lozano-Buhl (who was very excited to know this one), and Francis Hinchey (who went above and beyond to answer in Chinese).

Speaking of Francis Hinchey, he gets credit for submitting today's question: Now that a European spacecraft has successfully landed a robotic probe on a comet after a decade of space travel, name the spaceraft, lander and landing site AND what all three names have in common.

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