At the top of the hour

"BREAKING! You're still being spied on," Japhet Weeks of AJ Plus tweets in response to this massive scoop by the Wall Street JournalAmericans’ cellphones are being targeted in secret U.S. spy program. "What a scoop. Cessnas w/ 'dirtboxes' are collecting data from Americans' cell phones in an effort to track bad guys," observes Wall Street Journal's Dana Mattioli. "Dirtboxes indeed," quips Yahoo's chief Washington correspondent Olivier Knox. "Still not okay to make a cell phone call on a plane. But apparently fine to turn a plane into a cell phone tower," incredulously tweets Chris Bryant with the Financial Times.

Other news to defy belief: the series of Secret Service blunders that made the White House intruder possible, the secret emails of the men who may run Hillary Clinton's campaign, how a disgraced college chain trapped its students in poverty, and President Obama's stated plan to protect up to 5 million from deportation. "This Obama guy seems pretty serious about a rumble w GOP. First climate, now immigration action as soon as next week," marvels New York Times' Trip Gabriel. "Buckle up people," advises LA Times political reporter Maeve Reston. Looks like no one told Obama he's supposed to be a lame duck right now.

Also, NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants to allow gambling on pro games. In other news, Mayor Betsy Hodges took on pointergate. "Hooray for smart, sharp writing! From an elected official! From a place that thrives on muted opinion!" Re/code's Peter Kafka applauds.

Let's play a fun game. It's called Guess How Much Money Bill Gross Made Last Year? 

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