Parley with the press

Nov 14, 2014

Here's a question that's been keeping us up: Did Kim Kardashian really break the Internet? NOPE. At least, not when compared with the comet (3,435 shares). "Comet landing officially more popular on social media than a big butt. Hooray!!" cheers Univision's Erin Siegal McIntyre.

Seizing the opportunity, the Metropolitan Museum chirped, "Here at the Met, we have artworks that can #BreakTheInternet too!"

But while Kardashian and the comet may have eclipsed Ghomeshigate for America, in Canada the national scandal is still very much a big story. Paula Todd, a previous Muck Rack featured journalist, pens The Ghomeshi Paradox: By attempting to discredit his victims, Ghomeshi destroyed his own credibility. But will the public continue to listen to survivors?

Then again, we have our own brewing scandal building momentum here: CJR asks, "Why won't journalists ask Bill Cosby the tough questions?"

This is not satire: The Onion is up for grabs. "The Onion may be selling itself & this lead is perfect: 'Everything in this story is actually, honestly true'," BuzzFeed's Sapna Maheshwari praises. "Area Media For Sale, Other Area Media Company Says," HuffPo's Ben Walsh jokes. "I await the Onion story on our Onion story," Bloomberg's Alex Sherman declares. 

The World Health Organization mistakenly forwarded an email to BuzzFeed saying "BuzzFeed is banned." Outrage ensued. "You know you're doing investigative journalism right when you get blacklisted. Kudos, @buzzfeed," praises Aaron Weiss from E.W. Scripps.

In bad news for news, Trinity Mirror is closing seven regional newspapers with loss of 50 jobs and Say Media gives up on publishing, which could be a poor omen for platishers. "THIS IS WHEN THE GREAT CONTENT SHAKEOUT BEGAN, REMEMBER THIS DAY," tweet-screamed Choire Sicha, turning into Cassandra for a moment.

Gideon Lichfield just posted an open letter about robo-pitches (shameless plug, but sounds like Lichfield might prefer Muck Rack's pitching tools to what he's been dealing with). Also, Deadspin helpfully suggests, "Maybe You Shouldn't Thank This Specific Follower, Patriots?" Alternatively titled "Why you never ever ever want to automate Twitter replies or retweets," points out Houston Chronicle's social media manager Dwight Silverman.

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