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Yesterday's question asked (with thanks to Francis Hinchey for submitting it): Now that a European spacecraft has successfully landed a robotic probe on a comet after a decade of space travel, name the spaceraft, lander and landing site AND what all three names have in common. Spacecraft: Rosetta, Lander: Philae and Site: Agilkia, and what they all have in common: an Egyptian theme. The spacecraft is named after the stone, the lander is named after an obelisk/Philae Island, and the site is named after the island on the Nile river in the south of Egypt where the Temple of Isis, previously on Philae island, is now hosted.

Congratulations to "recovering journo" Matthew Delman for being the very first to get that right! Nice job, Matt.  Honorable mentions also go out to Kristen MathewsM Edward BoraskyHollywood HighlandsCarrie GrayKen Walker, and Alan Blaustein for also answering correctly.

As for today's question, here it is: What's on the prowl in Paris right now?

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