Question of the Day

Friday's question asked: What's on the prowl in Paris? We deliberately made this question a little tricky, so we accepted several answers. Early reports indicated it was a tiger, but now authorities say it's just some other breed of very big cat.

Because we were willing to accept more than one answer, we'll give credit to Eugene Hunt for being the first to answer "tiger" as well as Paul Boyd for being on the ball with an answer of "some say it is just a large domesticated cat." We also want to give credit to Dagmar EbaughLori Nash Byron (who says it was a "giant gold lion at Chanel fashion show"), Kate WathenLaura AlixThomas Feyer (who added the hashtags #Princeton #Tiger alert!), Melina B. (who pointed out that "nobody knows!!"), Eve ByronKaren Hansen (who theorized "Maybe it's a Tigger?"), Francis Hinchey (who also made a Tigger joke), Claudine LaforceHollywood Highlands (who went a step further to posit "[b]ig wild cat"), Rachel Roh (who very accurately answered "not a tiger"), Ken WalkerJax Jacobsen, and Osiris. Props to Dan Rosenbaum for humorously answering "Youth gangs?" and Craig Pittman for answering "Joe Biden." Gotta love the jokes!

As for today's question, here it is: What are expected to "reach their peak" by dawn tomorrow, according to skywatchers?

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