These children might be alien gurus

Nov 18, 2014

"I can't tweet a single quote from this interview because I want to tweet ALL THE QUOTES,"  Business Insider's Hunter Walker admits, speaking of a T Magazine profile of Will Smith's progeny, Jaden and Willow, on Prana energy, quantum physics and why school is overrated (which got an incredible 37,000+ shares). Every once in a while an interview comes along that manages to distract us from the of everyday headlines. Yes, this is one such interview. At one point, Willow's answer to something is, and we quote, "Because, living."

We struggled to narrow down our favorite responses from journalists to this Q&A, so we'll just include them all:

  • "This Jaden/Willow Smith interview is parody. I will not be convinced otherwise." - Aaron BlakeWashington Post
  • "I will pay top dollar for whatever drugs Willow and Jaden Smith are on. Top. Dollar." - Hayes BrownBuzzFeed
  • "Getting this whole interview tattooed on my back." - Todd OlmsteadWall Street Journal
  • "[T]he nytimes interviewed my 8th grade livejournal." - Jessica RoyNew York Magazine
  • "Slightly terrified of Will Smith's kids, who appear to be kinds of higher beings." - Dan Stewart, TIME
  • "Jaden and Willow Smith need an Uncle Phil-like force of stabilization, immediately." Barry HertzNational Post
  • "The Will Smith clan may be the first celebrity family where Scientology does the distancing instead." - Ryan DowneyMTV News
  • "So they ARE 2 people!?" - Marshall Zelinger7 News Denver
  • "Jaden and Willow Smith are magical future-creatures" - Amelia MarshallAustralian Broadcasting Corporation News
  • "I read a lot about politics, but this is still the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever seen." - Philip BumpThe Fix
  • "Jesus Christ. My new cautionary tale to my kids is gonna be 'Stay in school or you’ll sound like the Smith children.'" - Donna 
  • "TV show idea: Will Smith's kids sat in an empty room talking about topical news, quantum physics... anything really." - Richard Moynihan, The Telegraph
But The Verge's T.C. Sottek brings us all back to reality with this admonishment: "these kids are 16 and 14 and they're obviously thinking about their world and their place in it, stop picking on them." Okay, fair point.

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