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Nov 19, 2014

Here's something trending high (at 10,000+ shares) in our newsroom: People Magazine just named Chris Hemsworth "Sexiest Man Alive" for this year. "I've been robbed! Again!" laments Andrew Setters of WLWT Cincinnati. Although Daily Mirror's Melanie Edgar finds something sinister in this tradition: "On #InternationalMensDay apparently we get to subject men to same visual critique women face for the other 364 days."

Earlier this month The Atlantic compiled a list of all the times the New York Times compared something to Brooklyn, and now the Times is telling its journalists to quit doing that. Vanity Fair's Mike Hogan criticizes, "'Peak navel-gaze' achieved as NYT standards editor scolds colleagues for excessive Brooklyn references." AP's Joseph Krauss predicts, "@nytimes tells its reporters to stop comparing everything to Brooklyn. Meme race begins in 5, 4, 3..."

The BBC is really sorry about that "keep your knickers on" remark in the Ched Evans debate. "Yes, I should think the BBC is 'sorry' for DJ Nick Conrad's horrific remarks on rape," Guardian's Claire Phipps agrees. In other pants-related news, wearing jeans into a country club recently turned into an altercation that ended with police being called. "Reasons to be glad you're not ridiculously wealthy: No-jeans rules + country clubs," Boston Globe's Joanna Weiss concludes.

Finally, Tiger Woods is not happy about a parody interview in Golf Digest, NerdProm will be hosted by SNL cast member, and a reporter expensed $600 in marijuana but his bosses were fine with that. "Are they hiring?" NBC London's Cassandra Vinograd wants to know.


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