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Today Jeff Bezos makes his mark on the Washington Post with a new Kindle app, which will boast twice-daily tablet editions. Meanwhile, Jack Shafer gracefully offers Capital New York some meaningful reflections on losing his job, and the state of things (see more in our Career Updates section). And somehow, MailOnline is winning readers using a combination of aggregation, scandal and celebs.

NYT's Mark Leibovich says Chris Christie is back, but Jim Webb wants you think about maybe voting Jim Webb for prez. "I told you guys this was going to happen. And with the populist sentiment in this country it's going to have an impact," predicts Salena Zito with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The Columbia Journalism Review has several great offerings this week: Could public radio save science journalism? Also, we can all admit that journalism has a plagiarism problem--but it’s not the one you’d expect.

Also, "text neck" is now a thing and poses a very real threat to your spine.

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