Valleywag loses Tiku, Lyons takes over

Less than a month after being named editor-in-chief of Valleywag, Nitasha Tiku is leaving the Gawker tech gossip blog for The Verge. With Tiku joining The Verge as west coast senior writer, tech writer Dan Lyons will take the helm of Valleywag as EIC.

"I’m super stoked to join The Verge and to use the word stoked because I’m such a California girl," Tiku tweeted, sharing this article. She later added, "V proud of how much Valleywag, a brilliant blog by a beautiful woman & some dudes, was able to freak everyone out."

"It feels to me like it almost singlehandedly changed the tone of tech industry coverage from fawning to critical," responds tech industry veteran Buzz Andersen.

Until recently a marketing fellow with HubSpot, Valleywag's next top editor is known as the author of “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.” This new gig represents his return to the news side of the eternal revolving door.

"You may have heard I will be writing Valleywag starting Jan. 1. Please send story ideas! & thanks for nice messages yesterday," Lyons tweeted, adding, "Uber teams with Valleywag to leak data about tech exec travels. Merger meetings, job interviews."

Meanwhile, Gawker's Caity Weaver testifies, "@nitashatiku had the softest skin of employee of Gawker dot com and you can quote me on that, @WSJ @nytimes."

... even if they don't, we just did.

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