A menagerie of media (and more)

There are things going on that don't concern Ferguson, of course. It's almost Thanksgiving, right, so enjoy the Thanksgiving recipes Googled in every state (although Slate's Betsy Woodruff thinks Thanksgiving is a farce because every other holiday offers better options

Meanwhile, Anita Sarkeesian is still battling sexism in games and #Gamergate harassment. Michèle Flournoy dropped out of the race to be the next Secretary of Defense. Uber is said to be close to raising funding at up to $40B value, and Uber's uber-nemesis BuzzFeed just passed $100 M. in revenue for 2014.

More bad news from First Look Media: they're shuttering Racket completely in this brief blog titled "Update." "Company headlines get less descriptive when you have bad news to report," Poynter's Ben Mullin observes. 

And in a post that's bound to resonate with many, The Columbia Journalism Review asks, "Is this the golden era of podcasts?" (88 sharesWaPo's Carlos Lozada slyly observes, "At least, it's the golden age of stories about a golden age of podcasts." One more CJR post for good measure: here's Kelly J. O'Brien making the case for Eric Holder’s lasting damage to press freedom (72 shares).

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