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For SlateLaura Helmuth writes on DNA structure discoverer Jim Watson's history of racism and sexism (which got 16,142 shares, likely to Watson's chagrin). "I’m starting to get the idea that James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA, is something of a jerk," Slate blogger Phil Plait muses. But Maclean's columnist Colby Cosh scathingly retorts, "Woman with Ph.D. in hilariously compromised field of 'neuroscience' lectures James Watson on DNA." So, not in agreement, then?

Ghomeshigate is far from over, too. For The Guardian, Kathryn Borel pointedly writes, "Jian Ghomeshi harassed me on the job. Why did our radio station look the other way?" In other pointed questions about delicate subjects, The Washington Post is asking why the author of the Rolling Stone article on the alleged U-Va. rape didn’t talk to the accused perpetrators.

In Lebanon, officials say the army has detained the wife and son of the Islamic State leader.

And some hacked Hollywood documents reveal Sony Pictures' stunning gender and race gap, which is looking more and more like North Korea may be behind it in retaliation for "The Interview" (you know, that comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen that involves an assassination plot against Kim Jong-un?). Now it's all coming together.

That Hill staffer Elizabeth Lauten has reportedly resigned after making those remarks about the "class" of the Obama daughters at the turkey pardoning. Amazingly, Lauten seemed to forget she was living in a glass house, as The Smoking Gun just uncovered that she was arrested during her own "awful teen years." "When will they learn? Think first, THEN touch your keyboard," councils WaPo's Geoff Edgers.

Finally, in a fantastic feat of multimedia from the New York Times, explore jade’s journey marked by drugs and death.

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