The Ferguson divide deepens

Dec 02, 2014

"@DailyCaller actually ran 'investigation' into whether @WesleyLowery is black. This is how 'news' caricatures itself," concludes ProPublica civil rights reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones. And yes, that is exactly what DC's Betsy Rothstein did, under a headline that word-for-word asks, "Is WaPo's Wesley Lowery black?" (604 shares) We have no words, so we'll defer to those of everyone else:

  • "Hard to tell which is making me ill: airport nachos or this hit piece that asks Is This Reporter Really Black?" - Jack Healy, The New York Times
  • "i'd ask the daily caller to prove its whiteness but i think the verdict is in" - Amanda Hess, Slate
  • "Betsy Rothstein is like Dylan Byers on bad acid" - Christopher Hooks, Texas Observer
  • "Trolling Facebook pages to race-check, 'resembles his dark-skinned father', we've officially collectively gone cuckoo" - Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • "When you're going after a reporter's mother, you're losing." Nicholas Riccardi, The Associated Press
  • "Is this the young, hipster all-new conservative media that @daveweigel wrote about?"- Will Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News
  • "Let me be direct, @betsyscribeindc This is the worst piece of journalism of the year. Straight from the bottom shelf." - Michael Spies, Vocativ
  • "you got some 'splaining to do @WesleyLowery." - Greg Howard, Deadspin
The article also solicited a flurry of f-bombs from many journalists, including a reaction from Gawker's Adam Weinstein that was so laced with profanity that we're pretty sure he invented a few new words.
So now might be a good time for us to mention Bloomberg Politics' look into how a conservative backlash quieted #Ferguson reporters for "all the wrong reasons" (2,198 shares). BuzzFeed's Sapna Maheshwari calls it "sickening. Twitter should intervene when private info of reporters posted by anonymous cowards calling for harassment." And why exactly are two New York Times reporters in particular being harassed? Margaret Sullivan explains in her post, "Should The Times Have 'Left It Out' -- and What, Exactly, Was 'It'?" "The NYT did NOT publish Darren Wlson's address. @sulliview brings some facts to the widely believed misinformation," colleague Daniel Victor elaborates.
Lastly on this subject, the county police chief claims the St. Louis Rams football team apologized for their "hands up" gesture, but the team's VP says otherwise (1,759 shares). Who to believe? 

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