Featured journalist: Andrew Griffin

Today we'd like to introduce you to Andrew GriffinThe  Independent technology reporter, or, as Griffin puts it, "tech newsperson." As one might guess from his role, Griffin covers all things science and technology, from consumer gadgets to the business and financial end of tech. He got his start, however, in the manner that many of us have--writing for his university newspaper, Varsity, where he broke stories that "got picked up internationally" and held "senior editorial roles." To aspiring journalists, he advises, "Write a lot! And read whenever you can — thinking critically about the choices that have been made and why they work or don't." Check out Griffin's Muck Rack portfolio for some of his latest and greatest work, which includes "Orion capsule is headed into deep space – and it takes hopes for commercial space travel and Mars with it" (55 shares) and "iOS 8 review: not an overhaul, but the iPhone is gradually growing up" (148 shares).

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