Question of the Day

Yesterday's question asked: Journalists are now paging through their dictionaries after British prime minister David Cameron accused Ed Balls of ... what? "Political masosadism," which prompted people to think he meant "sadomasochism" ... but it turns out that masosadism is a thing, too.

Congratulations to Jason Hensel of Facility Manager Magazine for being the first to answer that correctly. Honorable mentions also belong to Ken WalkerCraig PittmanJeanne KirkEdward TennerDan Rosenbaum (who notes "musta been reading new UK strictures on porn productions"), Carrie GrayFrancis HincheyHollywood Highlands, Claudine Laforce and Ron Casalotti for also getting that exactly right.

As for today's question, it's a three-part question, with thanks to Francis Hinchey for submitting it: House Speaker John Boehner lit the annual Capitol Christmas tree this week in Washington, D.C. What year did the "first" designated national Christmas tree tradition start? Who lit the tree? And what state donated the tree? Be sure to answer all three!

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