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Friday's question asked (with thanks to Francis Hinchey--fittingly enough!--for submitting it): According to the BabyCenter's list of top baby names from 2014, which "House of Cards" names appear to have been upped in popularity by the so-called "Netflix Effect?"  Those would be Claire, Zoe, Remy, Garrett and, yes, even Frank (up 19 percent!) as well as Francis. Also worth noting, in addition to actress Robin Wright's character name gaining popularity, the names Robin and Wright also jumped up in the rankings (up 12 percent and a whopping 65 percent, respectively).

Congratulations to John Wall of Juniata College for being the first to list one of those names! Honorable mentions also go out to Kitty FeldeLori Nash Byron (who notes she "predicted the House of Cards effect by 7 years ago with my own Claire"), Claudine LaforceDan Rosenbaum (who remarks that the list contained "oddly, no Zuckerberg, which would be a perfectly fine first name"), Hollywood Highlands (who managed to list every single one of the names correctly), Kevin Simmons (who added "smugly into the camera"), Lexi MonaghanPaul BoydChris Lombardi and Cindi Lash for all answering one or several of those names.

As for today's question, here it is: Airing on the Discovery Channel yesterday, a conservationist "chickened out" on doing what?

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