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Dec 09, 2014

For The New YorkerGeorge Packer pontificates on The Real Crisis of Journalism (790 shares) and gifts us with this passage: "... they become the mouse so scared it went to the cat for love." AFP's Arthur MacMillan calls it a "Pretty devastating takedown by George Packer re The New Republic's troubles."

And speaking of TNR and takedowns, The Daily Beast just ran a rather mean-spirited profile from James Kirchick that actually called publisher Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge "America's Worst Gay Couple." Washington Examiner's David Freddoso concludes, "That's gonna leave a mark." Some folks, like Bloomberg NewsDavid Weigel, appeared to like it: "The only downside of this @jkirchick piece is that it ends." Others, like The Blaze's Steve Krakauer did not: "An over-the-top attack on Chris Hughes, with sexual orientation as the centerpiece. Offensive." Also, San Francisco Chronicle's points out Kirchick has an axe to grind: "Advice from @thedailybeast: When profiling a roiling media company, always hire its most disgruntled former employee." The profile also contains some disputed information about alleged presidential aspirations for Eldridge, who is a Canadian.

On the same subject, The Guardian's Emily Bell asks, "Can Silicon Valley disrupt journalism if journalists hate being disrupted?"

Here's something lovely that makes a lot of sense: The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard has released a new fellowship to honor Anja NiedringhausNYT senior staff photographer James Estrin calls it, "A beautiful way to honor Anja Niedringhaus-a Nieman fellowship for visual journalists. Thanks @slyon66 & Gary Knight."

Something else lovely: this tweet from Washington Wizards' John Wall.

Then The Gothamist published this headline of amazingness: Apple Store Opening In Williamsburg Across From Whole Foods Near The J. Crew Steps From Starbucks. Seeing as we're throwing character count out the window, Josh Greenman with New York Daily News offers an alternative hed: "Hipster Goes Apesh*t About Retailer That Sells The Product He Uses Most Every Day Opening In His Neighborhood." Oh, and is this the first line of code ever written by a US president?

TIME also picked the top 10 photos of 2014 and Facebook released its year in review. Also, two rich people met two other rich people, and this clearly impressed the Internet. Or as BuzzFeed chose to tweet-scream it, "THE FUTURE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND THE CURRENT QUEEN OF AMERICA." Well, at least this is better than that time the Internet decided Kimye's baby somehow was our answer to princelet George.

Actually, Gawker's Caity Weaver skewered this much better: "King and Queen Make Time to Greet Unemployed Fan, Her Balding Husband." Sorry, royals. We Americans can be just incorrigible!

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