The Torture Report drops, as do our spirits

"This will be a long, gruesome day for American history," predicts Matt Sullivan with The Guardian, and even that might be an understatement. "It's out," was the simple tweet from Washington Post's Caitlin Gibson. Just like that, everyone's day turned worse.

All morning everyone remained "on high alert" as the Senate prepared to release its torture report on the Bush administration's interrogation policies--especially former Vice President Dick Cheney, who preemptively dismissed the report and defended the C.I.A. interrogations. If you're wondering, "dismissed" is NYTimesian for Cheney's actual words, which were "a bunch of hooey." Vanity Fair's Kia Makarechi notes, "I think the news here is that Cheney stopped short of saying he would [personally] waterboard senators." Gawker's Adam Weinstein quips, "Well, if there's anyone on earth who makes me reconsider my misgivings about torture, it's definitely Dick Cheney."

Each piece of information offered by the report seems worse than the last, but The Daily Beast broke down the most gruesome moments (978 shares and rising). "CIA used forced rectal feeding on prisoners," senior editor Justin Miller shares. "Bad tweet for breakfast time," responds Ariel Cheung with USA Today and The Post-Crescent. There was something about “rectal hydration,” which sounds no more medically necessary. Moreover, the CIA reported 98 prisoners when it was actually holding 119, and of those, “at least 26 were wrongfully held" (3,257 shares and climbing). NYT's Juliet Lapidos comments, "Among other more important things, now we know Zero Dark Thirty was wrong, wrong, wrong." And after all was said and done, the report also finds that tactics were ineffective (1,300 shares, at least). Toronto Star's national security reporter Michelle Shephard reflects, "Torture is legally, ethically & morally repugnant. Guess what? It also doesn't work."

Then the ACLU's executive director Anthony D. Romero penned an Op-Ed telling Obama to pardon Bush and those who tortured (wait for it) "to establish, once and for all, that torture is illegal."

Two more New York Times wrap-ups worth your time: a Q. and A. on what's likely to follow (1,515 shares so far) and these 7 key points (right now at 1,200 shares ).

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