Tuesday's "torture report" haunts us

As we continue to wade through the atrocities uncovered in Tuesday's torture report, former interrogator Eric Fair posits that the document reminds us of what America was (6,209 shares). "It's not just victims of the global torture archipelago we built who ended up on the dark side. We all did," NBC's Ben Plesser concludes. Nearly every line in the report condemns the C.I.A. interrogation program and details brutality and dishonesty. "Torture scenes in films like Zero Dark 30 and Battle of Algiers look quaint compared to reality of CIA methods," NYT's Edward Wong comments. "Links for torture terms: WSJ. WaPo. NPR. NYT," ProPublica's Eric Umansky helpfully tweets.

Adding to the breakdowns we included in yesterday's Daily, WashPost has compiled 20 key findings about CIA interrogations (11,515 shares) as well as a useful comparison between then-CIA Director Michael V. Hayden's testimony and actual CIA records (2,705 shares). Daily Beast's Justin Miller reflects, "Michael Hayden has been rectal feeding us bulls**t for years."

Reactions from journalists themselves have added to the narrative. "Here's a cool irony: Today is international #HumanRightsDay," points out Cosmopolitan's Jill Filipovic. "My daughter this morning after reading A1. 'Mommy, what is rectal hydration?'" WaPo's Carol Leonnig shares.

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