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Dec 11, 2014

Yesterday's question asked: Recently a deep-space spacraft got a unique wakeup call from its interstellar hibernation to prepare for the closest encounter yet of Pluto, a dwarf planet. The spacecraft has traveled more than 3 billion miles during a nine-year flight to its historic visit of Pluto. How did the spacecraft wake up?  English tenor Russell Watson’s inspirational "Where My Heart Will Take Me" (originally composed as the main title song of Star Trek: Enterprise) woke up the spacecraft. Watson himself recorded a special greeting and version of the song to honor New Horizons. The song was played in New Horizons mission operations upon confirmation of the spacecraft’s wake-up on Dec. 6.

Congratulations to Jason Hensel of Facility Manager Magazine for being the very first to answer that! Honorable mentions also belong to Ken WalkerPaul DelColleHollywood Highlands, and @.l.interpretations for getting that exactly right, too. We'll also mention Jim DeLaClaudine Laforce and Josephine Dorado, whose answers were also technically accurate (albeit didn't mention the song)!
As for today's question, here it is: Turning our attention back to the successful inaugural test flight of the spacecraft Orion trending on social media feeds, it marked the first time in more than four decades that a spacecraft designed to carry humans traveled into deep space. What was the last similar spacecraft* (i.e., designed to carry humans) to travel farther than low Earth orbit? 
*This question has been edited to clarify its meaning.
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