Question of the Day

Yesterday's question asked: Turning our attention back to the successful inaugural test flight of the spacecraft Orion trending on social media feeds, it marked the first time in more than four decades that a spacecraft designed to carry humans traveled into deep space. What was the last similar spacecraft (i.e., designed to carry humans) to travel farther than low Earth orbit? 

Congratulations to Marty Ray for being the very first to answer that! (And by the way, our apologies for any confusion that the question's original wording may have caused!) Honorable mentions go out to Kevin SimmonsKen Walker@.l.interpretationsTim GeraghtyDan RosenbaumHollywood HighlandsRobin Lloyd and Paul DelColle for their right answers, as well!
As for today's question, here it is: What intriguing artifact was recently uncovered in Boston?
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