Parley with the press

At the very top of today's media talk: news that New York Magazine's featured "boy genius investor" apparently made it all up (24,363 shares). "Journalism: 0 days without an accident," dryly tweets Dave Itzkoff.

Speaking of fabrications, PolitiFact has announced its "Lie of the Year," and, no surprise here--it's all of the exaggerations about Ebola (3,200+ shares). "No single 'lie of the year,' but everyone said a lot of irresponsible crap about Ebola, so congrats," comes the facetious tweet from Wonkblog health reporter Jason Millman.

Next, Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark profiles Andrew Luck, the NFL’s most perplexing trash talker in a very popular post (22,500+ shares). "Tennis players applaud opponents for good hits of the ball. Andrew Luck applauds opponents for good hits of him," elaborates FiveThirtyEight's Carl Bialik.

We wistfully gaze at "what could have been" in Mat Honan's look into the "guerrilla tactics" of The Racket, and how it almost upended journalism (1,400+ shares). "It got so weird at the end, I forgot how much fun it was working with @pareene and the rest of Racket," admits the would-have-been EIC Matt Taibbi.

Finally, Quartz unveils the secret to the Uber economy: wealth inequality. "There are many smart things written about Uber. Few are as lyrical and original as this," concludes WSJ's Christopher Mims, before adding, "India has had "Uber for X" startups for centuries. They're called poor people."

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