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Yesterday's question asked: What was "magic" about Queen Elizabeth's royal garden at Buckingham Palace, trending worldwide on social media? That would be hallucinogenic fungi, also known as magic mushrooms, that were unexpectedly discovered there!

Congratulations to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times for being the first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to his colleague Craig PittmanClaudine LaforceMarilyn ParelPaul DelColleRon Casalotti (who jokes, "Little known fact the Queen's an Allman Brothers fan."), Hollywood HighlandsRachel RohHiram Reisner, and Dan Rosenbaum (who actually answered "'shrooms, maaaannnn....."). Glad everyone had fun with this one!

As for today's question, here it is: In "a rare show of defiance" toward the NRA, yesterday the Senate confirmed who as surgeon general of the United States? And why are there sore feelings at the NRA?
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