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Today was the day. You know what we mean ... the final episode of Serial. Or "The only thing that could distract me from Putin," as Moscow correspondent Paul Sonne puts it. Normally we don't listen to podcasts (or really anything) while we're writing this newsletter, but we didn't want to not be "in the know" this morning. In case you're still waiting to press play, we won't post any spoilers, but you should definitely watch this "Funny or Die" parody of The Final Episode Of Serial (which has 35,000+ shares! What?!). Get excited for multiple Mail K...rimp references! "Proposing we name today's move the Mail Khimp Rally," suggests Alexandra Scaggs with Dow Jones Newswires​. Plus, the Washington Post is all over this, asking, "Did the ‘Serial’ finale bring us any closer to the truth?" (Spoilers alert. Obviously!)

Yesterday KCEN meteorologist Patrick Crawford was shot multiple times in the station parking lot and is in stable condition after surgery (8,600 shares). Weather Channel's Ari Sarsalari tweets "A colleague/brother in meteorology, @meteorologistPC was shot outside his station today. Keep him in your thoughts."

This is definitely one for tomorrow's career updates section as well, but we thought we'd best mention it here: Huffington Post UK's Mehdi Hasan will move to the U.S. to host a new weekly show on Al Jazeera English (6,400 shares). "So, I made a pretty big life-changing, career-changing, country-changing decision. Wish me luck (!)" Hasan requests.

Then Wired took a look inside the buzz-fueled media startups battling for your attention (1,600+ shares). Liz Heron summarizes, "The news now: where only 1 channel matters (your phone) & media uses same distribution tool as your sister (Facebook)."

China reportedly is getting even "colder" for reporters. "While being a foreign correspondent in China is rewarding, apparently sometimes the police chain you to a chair," notes AFP China correspondent Benjamin Haas.

Also, this j-school has a pretty gosh darn great Christmas card.

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