Trending stories: Havana and "the Hack"

First up, the hack. "Satire really is dead," laments Scott Deveau with Bloomberg News, after Sony officially dropped ‘The Interview’ following terrorist threats (which amassed 15,000+ shares). Furthermore, American officials are said to find North Korea ordered the cyberattack (17,000+ shares). "Hollywood once blacklisted communists. Six decades later, communists have blacklisted Hollywood," realizes Rick Gladstone with the New York Times

For the community of journalists, this decision against freedom of expression is not welcomed, for that should be clear. "Come on, Really? N Korea is going to dictate what films get released?" protests Pat Dorsey from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. "Feeling pretty vindicated after saying for years that Seth Rogen's antics would send the world spinning into chaos," jokes Joshua Brustein at Bloomberg BusinessweekNik Cubrilovic remarks that "on the bright side they now own the rights to a more interesting story." And this came on the heels of the top five theater circuits dropping the film, too. "Well, this is some cowardly, precedent-setting bullshit," concludes film critic Scott Meslow.

What's more, Sony has "no further release plans" for the flick, including DVD and VOD (20,200+ shares). "VHS?" comedian Michael Ian Black asks, hopefully, to the retweets of many. "Sony has zero commitment to free speech, contrary to its pious statements," declares Guardian's Dan Gillmor. "Would you pay $5 to see #TheInterview on Pay-Per-View? I know I would. No theater resistance this time," confesses Jefferson Graham at USA Today.

Just an hour after that news, though, Wired comes out and says evidence linking North Korea is flimsy. So which is it? Ars Technica's Peter Bright tweets, "So just as @KimZetter publishes [this Wired piece], @cnn publishes this." Wired downgraded its headline to "flimsy" from "almost certainly didn't," by the way.

VICE says that the reaction to the hack is "Beyond the Realm of Stupid" "Finally, someone compares this Sony BS to actual movie terrorism," praises Anil Dash.

Heroes of the day: a Texas theatre that has decided to show "Team America" in place of "The Interview." Paul Beban with Al Jazeera America cheers, "F$ck yeah! @AlamoDFW Don't let the terrorists win."

Now that we've caught you up on "the Hack," let's talk about the "Havana" part of our headline. The other big news story today is US re-establishing relations with Cuba, which effectively erased the last trace of Cold War hostility (garnering an incredible 150,000+ shares!). "GUYS WE'RE GOING TO HAVANA," resolves Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams. Well, maybe not so fast, there. "Ordinary tourism still banned under Obama's new Cuba policies," points out Carol Pucci of the Seattle Times. And hey, check this out: Cuba (the Energy Drink Firm) Soars 140% after Cuba (the Country) News.

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