Today's pointers from the press

Your media must-read of the day obviously is Washington Post's profile of Donte Stallworth, former NFL wide receiver, now working as a Huffington Post fellow at $10 an hour (with 13,000+ impressive shares). Remember that? Still happening! "Donte Stallworth and I are doing our career paths in inverse. I plan to be a star wide receiver after journalism," jokes Wall Street Journal's Tamer El-Ghobashy. Also, there's this: "Donte Stallworth was inspired to become a journalist after binge-watching The Newsroom for six hours," realizes Mic's Bryan Armen Graham. We're not sure how to feel about that.

Fox affiliate WBFF (Fox 45 Baltimore) is in some hot water for misleading edits on videotape of protest chant that seemed to make protestors sound like they were chanting, "Kill a cop" (3,700+ shares). What they were really saying: "We won’t stop. We can’t stop ‘til killer cops are in cell blocks." Freelance journalist Jonathan M. Katz tweets in reaction, "If this was intentional, some people need to start looking for other work." Guardian's Dan Gillmor seems to have made up his mind: "An 'honest mistake' by Fox/Sinclair TV station to edit protesters chant to make it violent? Yeah, right."

A harrowing realization by the Committee to Protect Journalists: at least 60 international journalists have been killed on the job in 2014, with the deadliest region being the Middle East (792 shares). "When looking back at top news stories of 2014, remember those who died to bring them to us."

In other media news, Hamilton Nolan warns you "Do Not Listen to the Crazy Man Telling You to Quit Your Job" (namely, one Jay Rosen). Rolling Stone has asked Columbia Journalism Review to audit its U-Va. rape story. Huffington Post plans to drop Associated Press stories when they relaunch the site in 2015. And NPR's Tamara Keith is off this week, so she penned an open letter to young journalists.

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