Christmas Eve question of the day

Yesterday's question asked: Name three non-humans who made an appearance during the Colbert Report finale! You guys had some fun with this questiion, but we were looking for answers like Big Bird, Smaug, Cookie Monster and Death.

Congratulations to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times for being yet again the first to answer with three correct possibilities! Honorable mentions also go out to Jeanne KirkRuthann Harnisch (who notes we ought to "allow @AmbassadorPower as a correct answer," too), Brianne O'DonnellMarilyn ParelEve Byron (who started to jokingly answer "Arianna" but switched to Cookie Monster for her third example), Paul DelColle and Hollywood Highlands for all offering correct answers!

As for today's question, here it is, with a holiday theme: Who was the real-life inspiration for Festivus, the beloved made-up holiday featured on Seinfeld? And what is the true symbol of Festivus?

Click here to submit your answer to @MuckRack. If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find your contribution quickly (the link will automatically do so for you)! And remember, you must spell your answers correctly to be counted. We’ll announce the winners on Friday ... because we're off tomorrow for Christmas, of course!

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