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As we creep closer to 2015, journalists everywhere put the finishing touches on their outlets' "Best of" lists. Here's the New York Times' latest, The Year in Pictures, 2014 (which earned 17,600+ shares). "Breathtaking to see so many powerful images one after another," reacts Wall Street Journal's photo editor Chelsea Matiash. Although the NYT's own Jonah M. Kessel noticed something worthy of criticism: "2014 Year in Pictures - only 1 photo covering 20% of worlds population (China) 1 photo covering 17% (India), 3% in HK." Also, AFP's Benjamin Haas found this ridiculous: "'We founder in the shallows amid the constant nano-buzz of a modern culture.' Did the NYT really just write that?" Once a Grey Lady, always a Grey Lady.

Another beautiful reflection by the New York Times: Remembering some of those we lost this year and the lives they livedRembert Browne with Grantland reacts, "This is beautiful. @jelani9 on baraka, @jennydeluxe on garner, @ditzkoff on kasem/pardo, RKG on ruby dee, many more."

Yesterday the Dow closed about 18,000 for the first time, which prompted Wonkblog's Matt O'Brien to remember the worst op-ed in history (5,900+ shares)--i.e., the one where a former Bush advisor wrote "Obama's Radicalism Is Killing the Dow." WaPo colleague Dan Zak points out "Bray away about Obama & health care or drones or immigration. But Obama and the economy?" Bruce Anderson reflects, "Ahh... the perils of declarative punditry."

Here's something else timely from the media: Trending holiday gift searches (1,800+ shares). "So is Philadelphia full of men wearing jogger pants and Ugg boots? I've been in Asia too long I guess," concludes ReutersEmily Kaiser. Also, Quartz decided to map out how American men refer to their bros. Daniel Tedford with the Los Angeles Daily News decides, "I think we have officially done all the journalism."

One more big, recently broken news about the news: is the Associated Press in North Korea a Potemkin news bureau? John Hudson with Foreign Policy Magazine tweets, "Huge, jaw-dropping investigation into the AP's Orwellian bureau in North Korea."

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