Bombshells over bylines

"Jay from Serial gives first interview and, naturally, it's being serialized by The Intercept," tweets Nick Wingfield with the New York Times, after reading the First Look Media exclusive "Jay, Key Witness from 'Serial' tell his Story for First Time, Part 1" (which garnered a staggering 60,000+ shares). "Finally, all that #Omidyar $$ is worth it," concludes Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune.

If ever a tweet warranted a "boom" to proceed it, it was this scoop, but author Natasha Vargas-Cooper chose to preface it this way, instead: "Hi, I interviewed Jay from Serial." Jason Song with the LA Times praises, "Good Intercept get; curious how Jay was 'unfairly depicted' by @serial since he declined to go on record. In Part 2?" Spencer Ackerman at the Guardian US takes it even further, proclaiming, "I think we have to agree @natashavc & @the_intercept have the scoop of the year."

Others were less convinced: "This interview of Jay from #serial is chock full of softballs. Sad @natashavc didn’t ask about the pro-bono lawyer," laments E.W. Scripps producer Aaron Weiss. Meanwhile, Maya Rhodan with TIME reacts, "Jay's story changed again! What a surprise ... raise your hand if you're not buying it."

The increasingly grim search for the missing AirAsia plane has ended in tearful tragedy, now that bodies and debris have been found off the coast of Borneo. "Indonesia search teams have found suitcases, life vests,aircraft debris and bodies floating off coast of Borneo," elucidates NYT correspondent Thomas Fuller, reporting on the story. Journalist Ken Lee captured what many were thinking by tweeting, "Heartbreaking."

In political fallouts, Michael Grimm has reportedly decided to resign from Congress (5,800+ shares). "An indictment didn't stop his re-election but a guilty plea apparently will force Michael Grimm to leave Congress," notices Jonathan D. Salant at the New Jersey Star-Ledger. In other calamities, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise confirms he spoke to white nationalists in 2002 (15,000+ shares). "'Jesus dined with tax collectors and sinners' doesn't work if defense is that Scalise didn't know group's beliefs," points out Washington Post's Carlos Lozada. And arrests disturbingly have plummeted in New York following the recent execution of two cops (7,800+ shares).

The U.S. government also is said to be investigating New York's State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver over payments he received from a law firm (2,800+ shares). Bloomberg News reports that BP used a secret chat room called “the cartel” for insider tips (900+ shares). Yes, really. And while this is all going on, the NY Times diligently delves into how Ebola came roaring back (4,700+ shares).

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