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Dec 30, 2014

The New York Times serves up the most scathing of scathing rebukes toward the NYPD, claiming police respect has been squandered in attacks on de Blasio (15,647 shares). Truly, every word stings: "A blistering NYTimes editorial says cops are 'shredding' the NYPD's reputation and credibility by attacking the Mayor," elaborates Brent Staples, an editorial writer there. "NYT editorial captures sentiment, echoed by BDB critic Rudy Giuliani, that police turning backs was a bridge too far," reacts Politico's Maggie Haberman. Most journalists seemed to harmonize with the Times' take, including DigBoston's Chris Faraone, who tweets, "So well put, but here's my abridged version: 'Hey NYPD. Grow the f*** up!'"

And speaking of bad optics, outrage also erupted yesterday after news broke that a military couple had to relocate their wedding to accommodate President Obama's golf game (22,000+ shares). Obama did place a personal call to apologize and the venue was changed to a reportedly nicer one, but nevertheless--not a good look, Mr. President. "Fore shame!?" quips Jonathan Allen with Bloomberg News. "This is perhaps the greatest #ThanksObama moment," decides Huffington Post's Sabrina Siddiqui.

As for those charged with covering Obama, NPR's Tamara Keith is back on the job again, refreshed from a holiday vacation and reporting on the fleeting obsessions of the White House Press Corps (200+ shares). "Unemployment, Obamacare, Ukraine, the VA, fence jumpers, ISIS and Ebola. Each got a week or 3 in the briefing room," Keith explains on Twitter.

Lastly, there's a disturbing Vine of a Texas A&M student assistant coach punching a WVU player in the back of the head (42,000+ shares). "We can assume someone with @AggieFootball will see to it that this person is not on sideline in 2nd half," Bill Jones with CBS Dallas / Fort Worth predicts. Turns out that's just what happened.

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