Featured journalist: Delia Paunescu

Our final featured journalist for 2014 is none other than Delia Paunescu, social coordinator for the New York Post. Previously with New York Magazine and Food Network, Paunescu actually got her start in journalism much earlier than most of us: "In the fourth grade, I was on our school’s morning show and had my own segment where I interviewed the teacher of the week." As for this socially savvy journo's favorite hashtags, here they are: #breaktheinternet#partylikeajournalist and #overheardinthenewsroom. Lastly, her take on how social media is changing news is that "[o]ur desire for fast/accurate content is greater than ever and with that, the opportunities for journalists are growing every day." Be sure to keep an eye on Paunescu's career for great things, starting by perusing her recent work showcased in her Muck Rack portfolio as well as her full article feed: check out "Bill Cosby asked Twitter to meme him and it backfired immediately" (which impressively garnered 14,891 shares), for instance, or fun posts such as "The most important selfies of 2014" (553 shares).

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