First trending headlines of the year

"Mario Cuomo is dead. I was so lucky to cover him and honored to write his obituary for the New York Times," tweets LA bureau chief Adam Nagourney on the death of Mario Cuomo, former New York governor and liberal beacon (37,000+ shares). Nagourney also reveals, "'Aren’t you in a state of grace?' Cuomo asked reporter as plane engine failed. Yes that was me. And no, I was not." Colleague Alan Blinder praises, "With his Page One summation of Mario Cuomo's life, @adamnagourney teaches a master class in obituary writing."

The New York Daily News also covered that news, as did CNN, while The New Yorker remembered him, too. “Journalists are not supposed to say this, but I loved the guy," Ken Auletta writes. Capital New York adds its own reflections to the growing pile in "Mario Matthew Cuomo, 1932-2015," from which Circa's Anthony De Rosa quotes, "Delegates left San Francisco knowing they had nominated the wrong man." "American liberalism loses its poet," blares the Politico headline over a powerful piece by Todd Purdum. Others dug up an old Doritos commercial where Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards good-humoredly used their election losses as the punchline. Meanwhile, Mike Lupica writes that Cuomo's voice was the good in him as Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reflects on the best speech Cuomo ever gave. "Sending thoughts to @ChrisCuomo@NYGovCuomo & their families for the loss of their father," notes Gio Benitez with ABC News.

Vine wins New Year's Day, which gifted us with several unbelievable moments in sports. First there was that time Oregon players mocked Jameis Winston with "no means no" chant after the Rose Bowl (67,000+ incredulous shares). "Adding insult to a blowout...#Oregon giving Jameis a shoutout with the 'no means no' tomahawk chop chant," Tony Castro tweets. "Oregon players are gonna be kids, but gosh, in this climate? Maybe someone with some sense shoulda stopped them," suggests Jonathan Jones with the Charlotte Observer. Speaking of Winston, he helped spawn this vine. "America makes these better than any other country in the world," concludes ESPN's Don Van Natta. Then Baylor's kicker getting flattened forever was immortalized, too. Even spectators could not escape being vined, as with this awkward "couple" (which got 120,000+ shares! Seriously). "Wonder what year these two love bugs graduated from Ohio State?" jokes Shawn Ley with WDIV Local 4 Detroit.

One last headline to heed: Prince Andrew has been named in a U.S. lawsuit over underage sex allegations (3,500+ shares). The plot thickens, further: "Complicated: lawyer accused in Prince Andrew sex traffick case writes same day op-ed for Guardian on Adnan Syed," notices sports writer Matthew Hall.

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