What else is on our minds

What happened in France has left very little room for much of anything else on media minds right now, but there are a couple of things that have managed to distract us. One is the fact that Gabriel Snyder just made his first hires at The New Republic (350+ shares) and it's clear TNR has taken to heart much of the criticism levied against them (which we're sure to cover at greater length in tomorrow's Career Updates). "I have some news, folks. I am leaving @MHPshow later this month to become a Senior Editor at @tnr," announces MSNBC's Jamil Smith. Today in Tabs "intern" bijan stephen (we're leaving that uncapitalized, because that's how we always see his name written in our head) also numbers among those hires. "THANKS EVERYONE stoked to ~*crush caucasity~* @tnr!" he tweets. Some of the excitement over this news, however, may have been derailed by mounting number of journalists disturbed by the article's accompanying image. "We have an early leader for 'worst article illustration of 2015,'" concludes David Weigel with Bloomberg Politics. "My god what happened to his shoulders," demands Fast Company's John Ness.

There's one other thing distracting us, too. Steve Ballmer dancing to Fergie. Sorry, you can't unsee that.

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