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Yesterday's question asked: ​ Journalists all over have been mourning with the Charlie Hebdo publication in the wake of this week's tragedy. What was the inspiration for the publication's current name, and what was the real reason its name was changed to this in 1970? After being banned under its previous name (L'Hebdo Hara-Kiri), a new name was created by combining the name of a contemporary comic magazine (Charlie Mensuel, or "Charlie Monthly," which in turn took its name from Charlie Brown of Peanuts), and Hebdo, which is short for hebdomadaire or "weekly." It was also a secret nod to Charles de Gaulle, whose passing led to events triggering the original ban.

Well done to journalist and photographer Jim DeLa for being the first to get that exactly right. Honorable mentions go out to @.l.interpretationsJosephine DoradoHollywood Highlands and Christina Tarkoff.

As for today's question, here it is: Researchers now theorize that this condition may have influenced parts of composer Ludwig van Beethoven's greatest works. What was it?

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