Headlines that reach new heights

"I think everyone has their own secret Dawn Wall to complete one day," climber Kevin Jorgeson tells New York Times reporter John Branch in an article that reveals El Capitan’s Dawn Wall climbers finally have reached the top (news that's earned every single one of its 35,000+ shares). "I grew up going on walks beneath this massive rock - an unbelievable feat," reacts Julia Dahl with CBS News. "I believe the technical term for the free climb completed on El Capitan yesterday is 'bad ass,'" concludes WAMU's Mike Martinez. There you have it, folks. Start climbing your proverbial Dawn Walls today! "I beat my high score in Doodle Jump," offers Yahoo Tech's Jason Gilbert

Washington Post's Carol Leonnig is at it again, now reporting that 4 top Secret Service executives have been told to leave their posts in agency shake-up (3,400 shares). "Bye Felicias," quips Fusion's Margarita Noriega. "Scoop queen @CarolLeonnig wins again," praises CNN's Jeff Simon. Now that has a nice ring to it.

The Oscars nominations have also been announced, and not a single person of color was nominated in the acting categories. But at least neither Jennifer Aniston nor Angelina Jolie got the nod, either (Jolie should have for that chicken pox video alone).

Recall how that ulta-Orthodox Israeli newspaper edited out German chancellor Angela Merkel and any other female world leaders from the sure-to-be iconic photo of the Parisian solidarity march, "due to modesty concerns?" Well, we give you Jewish publication The Tablet's response: The Million Merkel March. "Brilliant. @The_Tablet gives their woman-leader-erasing Haredi bros a Million Merkel March to contemplate," Nina Burleigh with Newsweek approvingly tweets. "New screensaver," announces Huffington Post's Amanda Duberman.

Also related to #CharlieHebdo, however, the Pope just said there are limits to freedom of expression when faith is insulted (1,400+ shares). The move "risks secular cred he's built," surmises Oliver Moore with Globe and Mail. And while we're discussing freedom of speech, we urge you to take a look at the writings of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, who has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for his words.

Filed under finance, the Swiss National Bank has scrapped the minimum exchange rate, making the Davos a lot pricier. Reuters sources say Samsung is attempting to buy BlackBerry (now they'll really have to be sure not to tweet from iPhones). RadioShack is preparing bankruptcy filing. And Target is killing its Canadian operations.

In politics, Ruper Murdoch calls Romney "a terrible candidate" (which hasn't stopped the latter from staffing up for 2016, anyway) while Chris Christie seems to be the odd man out. Whatever you do, fellas, don't hire any one who overlooked this typo in the Florida Sheriff’s Office.

Not to be overlooked: Satellite images reveal the devastation of the Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria.

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