Also on the minds of the media

In non-SOTU news, the NFL is now saying the New England Patriots did indeed have under-inflated footballs in the AFC championship game (6,200 shares). "Oh [they're] probing the Patriots for deflating their balls? I guess all that air went to inflating Tom Brady's ego," tweets blogger Jess Pryles. Sources say 11 of the 12 balls showed signs of deflation. "Okay, who messed up on 12th ball? And did he get fired?" jokes Mark Purdy with San Jose Mercury News. This isn't the first time this issue has been in the limelight: Bucs quarterback Brad Johnson apparently paid to have footballs altered before SB 37.

Lastly, here is this morning's media must-read: The Megyn Kelly Moment. Here's Kat Stoeffel at The Cut's takeaway: "Free Megyn Kelly, part a million."

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