Featured Journalist: Christian Borys

Today's featured journalist is Christian Borys, who busies himself writing for VICE, The Daily Beast and The Atlantic. As for his beat, Borys focuses on tech, startups and global innovation. His career all began at the Toronto Standard, however, mainly because he liked "to tell stories and talk to people." Since then, being a journalist has come to mean to Borys that "lots of people will comment negatively on your work and you have to understand that." As for his advice to aspiring journalists, it's this: "Try to become friends with editors through your network. There will be a way, just find it, and make sure they know that you're a writer." You'll find some of his proudest work showcased in his Muck Rack portfolio, which offers up such eye-catching headlines as "Captive Audience: Meet the Protester Who Did Standup in Jail" (722 shares) and th VICE post "Drug Smuggling Is Getting a High Tech Makeover" (349 shares).

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