Today's media on the media

Top item in this category: Bill Gates will be guest editing The Verge in February (2,800+ shares). "We're now all part of the Gates cabal, I guess. (But really, this is cool, @verge!)" Vox's Libby A. Nelson covers her bases. Here's something on advertising and marketing: "How Abercrombie & Fitch and CEO Michael Jeffries Lost U.S. Teens." Fortune pontificates on the age of unicorns. Pitchfork's Jessica Hopper has an eye-opening conversation with Björk on the invisible woman. And the all-mighty Google is preparing to sell wireless service directly to consumers in deals with Sprint and T-Mobile. "Google, which has absolutely no idea how to do customer service, to be a mobile provider? Please," dismisses Guardian's Dan Gillmor.

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