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Top talk in press circles today: New York Magazine claims there’s talk about Mike Bloomberg buying the Times, although Robert MacMillan with Reuters says, "This story about Bloomberg and NYT feels like it was unearthed from a time capsule, despite the new stuff." And is it a coincidence that the words "talk about" are in that headline at the very moment Grantland heroically calls out The Worst Question in Sports? "What 'How do you feel?' is to the crime beat, Talk About is to sportswriting," Bryan Curtis writes. In the meantime, turns out Page 3 isn't done for and The Sun's PR guy apologizes (sort of) for his taunting tweet after receiving death threats. Plus, the NY Times drops knowledge bombs like don’t try too hard to please Twitter.

Over at the Washington Examiner, a Brandeis student journalist speaks out about the backlash he received for reporting on another student's incendiary tweets (400+ shares). The Columbia Journalism Review boldly asks what everyone's been thinking: Should journalists care about the State of the Union address? Also from CJR, learn how journalists have been preparing for Fidel Castro’s death for years. "Miami reporters talk about parachuting into Cuba, if they had to," shares Enrique Lavin at New Jersey Star-Ledger. And while we're doing how-tos, here's how The Economist chose its first female editor-in-chief (more in today's career updates).

Finally, New York Post's Steve Serby warns, "Don’t believe pretty-boy Brady: Someone is lying" and gifts us with this line: "if Tom Brady was your hero, you went to bed as deflated as his favorite footballs." At least we'll always have NFL bad lip-reading.

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