Monday media murmurs

Most talked about by media today: Michael Bloomberg is apparently shaking up the newsroom side of his company, and not in a good, disrupt-y way we're always talking about (1,000+ shares). "Watch out Rupert, there's a new media mogul in town," cautions NYT's Amy Chozick. "The horror. Bloomberg staff emails show the time you got in: some suspect it is to 'shame them for arriving late'," recoils Daily Mail's Emma Rowley. "Bloomberg News sounds like a minimum security prison," realizes media critic Jack Shafer. Next, the newest item on Denny’s menu is their social media strategy. "The new age Don Draper spends his time trying to make fleek hashbrowns a thing," laments WSJ's Mike Shields. In tech media, the New York Times explains why apps for messaging are trending. "The Times confirms what we already knew: @summeranne is queen of the Internet," announces BuzzFeed's Matthew Zeitlin. And from the BBC, this nifty new tool intertwines your back story with BBC archive news events. For obvious reasons, this works best if you're British.

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