Monday's question of the day

Our last question asked: ​A well known clock was reset to 11:57 p.m. What is the clock, and why was it reset? That would be the Doomsday Clock, which has been set to three minutes to midnight because The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are "[f]rustrated with a lack of international action to address climate change and shrink nuclear arsenals."

Congratulations to Amy B Wang of the Arizona Republic for being the first to answer Friday's question! Honorable mentions go out to Craig PittmanEugene HuntBrian L Kahn, Claudine LaforceKen WalkerRon CasalottiDan RosenbaumHollywood HighlandsSherry MimsLisa Maria RickmanJudyth Mermelstein and Jennifer Mascia for also getting that exactly right.
As for today's question, here it is: An unmarked grave without a coffin recently made international news. Who was buried there and why did it go unmarked, despite the person's prominence?

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