Snowpocalypse, Winterzon or SnoWTF?

"Reason not to find a blizzard boyfriend on Craig's List: You might actually get snowed in w a random procured on CL," warns reporter Laura Stampler, now that people are consulting Craigslist for blizzard boyfriends and girlfriends (523 shares) in advance of this week's snowstorm, which could be the biggest on record (11,200+ whopping shares). "Ladies! He could be yours," urges Business Insider's Steve Kovach, highlighting a prime would-be Don Juan. Relatedly, here's what you can expect from the storm as well as which airlines have already canceled flights and the status of other services in New York City.

But let's go back to that Slate news from Eric Holthaus, where he writes that NWS Boston is concerned about this blizzard changing the geography of Massachusetts coast by "one or more new inlets." To that, Politico's Glenn Thrush responds, "Um what?" Or this knowledge bomb: "Take solace in the fact that it’s very likely no one has experienced a storm quite like this for centuries," to which Nieman Lab's Joshua Benton reacts, "jesus." New York Times tech reporter Mike Isaac has already seemingly given up: "i walked out of a movie and found out it was my day to die."

In storms of the proverbial variety (read: twitterstorms), Charles Blow offers a harrowing and widely shared account of that time police detained his son, then requests, "let me know what you think" (11,000+ shares). "Close call: did son of @nytimes columnist almost become an Ivy League Mike Brown?" reflects journalist Charles Jaco. "Have read a ton of stories this morning. This is the one I can't shake," admits National Journal's Ron Fournier. As freelancer Jesse Emspak points out, "#NotAllWhitePeople are racists. #YesAllWhitePeople should read" Blow's post.

In politics, New Jersey governor Christ Christie takes to the radio airwaves and is pretty great at it, if you don't mind him saying so (800+ shares). "Can someone mash up the guv's answers with Loveline questions?" asks Vanity Fair's Kia Makarechi. "It's amazing how, no matter how much I dislike his politics, I can't help but want to get a beer with Chris Christie," confesses NYT's Adam Fusfeld. Should come in handy, as Christie joins the crowded GOP fight for donors and this look inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan. Also, as you might imagine, Sheldon Silver agreed to temporarily relinquish his speaker duties as Democrats jockey to replace him (1,500+).

Also in politics, but filed under the "wacky/weird" category: the Secret Service found a drone "device" on the White House lawn, but officials say it posed no threat. Sandra Block with Kiplinger's Personal Finance quips, "It looks like the blizzard will miss DC, so all we have to worry about is rogue drones on the White House lawn." And another thing: check out Narendra Modi’s suit and its message to Obama. Yes, that's right. Modi wore a suit with his own name printed on it thousands of times. "Sweet threads, Mr Modi," compliments WSJ's Katie Martin. "So do Modi and Mubarak share a tailor? Is there some website where one orders 'suits with pinstripes of one's name?" wonders BuzzFeed's Stacy-Marie Ishmael.

And in finance and the economy, we present to you the amazing shrinking middle class, a chess-playing Mario Draghi in economy class, and hedge funds learning secrets are not so safe.

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