Today in snow jobs and actual snow

"Uhhh I think that's called a press release," points out The Kennebec Journal's Paul Koenig, referring to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence launching "Just In," a state-run news outlet that will compete with media and "sometimes break news about his administration" (13,300+ shares). "Wow! It's like Indiana Pravda!" reacts George Sells with Fox 2 St. Louis, and he wasn't the only one to invoke a comparison with the Russian government's principal mouthpiece. Amazingly, it's already spawned a parody account, which tweeted, "To those asking for a comment, you're too late. We already interviewed ourselves and wrote a story." Cori Faklaris with the Indianapolis Star muses, "Step 1 of any new venture should be locking down the Twitter handle." BuzzFeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro quips, "if you get POTUS back on YouTube and Pence in an exclu with 'Just IN' on the same day, all reporters turn to stone." Then there's also the contradiction of a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative who funds his own media outlet with taxpayer money.

Speaking of contradictions, after all of that fuss yesterday, New York City was spared the worst effects of the snowstorm after all (6,700+ shares). (with apologies to Boston and other places that were not so lucky). "Where's my blizzard?" demands writer Karrie Jacobs. Or, as suggested by Joe Keohane: "What the fk am I going to do with all this bottled water?" Meanwhile, meteorologists apologized for huge blizzard miss. "67% of CNBC's readers say they've lost confidence in meteorologists because of the #blizzardof2015 bust," shares CNBC's Ben Berkowitz. Here's Eric Holthaus on the latest.

Then there was Gov. Cuomo's reportedly unilateral decision to close down subway service at 11 p.m. which meant that the overnight subway service continued without passengers. "NYC had never in 110 years closed subways due to snow, in fact it was partially built in response to an 1888 blizzard," reveals Circa's Anthony De Rosa.

Of course no one could resist parodying the whole thing, starting at the top with The Onion's skewering of Cuomo, whom they farcically portrayed as warning, "Reconcile Yourselves With Your God, For All Will Perish In The Tempest." Or Charlie Warzel's latest offering, "TK TK POSSIBLE TECH ANGLES FOR NYC BLIZZARD DO NOT PUBLISH LOL." Jezebel's take wins "most inappropriate," though: Men Promise Brooklyn Women 8 to 12 Inches, Deliver 4.3.

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